Heat Transfer Ink

Heat Transfer ink (Rotary or Screen ink) was designed for a direct print to garment process which completely eliminates fabric labels. It is recommended for undershirts, sport shirts, or any garment that will undergo constant stretching. Heat transfer ink can be used on all types of fabrics commonly used in the label industry. Both types of ink can be used to print either powder or screen able liquid glue. Our rotary printing ink can be printed on a release paper or polyester film carrier using standard rotary printing methods. The powder glue can even be applied while the ink is wet, and will still in turn fuse the glue, and ink together to produce a halo free image on the transfer label.

Color matching is available upon request.

*Ink is available in 5 Kg or 1 Kg containers.

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  • Screen able liquid can be screen printed after the ink is dried using preferably 60-80 mesh count screens. The end product results in a highly stretchable label.
  • Screen printing ink can be printed on either flat bed screen printing or rotary screen printing process using a 150-350 mesh screen dependent on your printing requirements. Powder glue or screen able liquid glue can be used in conjunction with screen heat transfer ink.
  •  In both rotarty, and screen ink versions, powder glue and screen able liquid glue can be applied on the same pass or even a separate process if preferred.
  • Opaque colors are available for printing on dark fabrics
  • Heat transfer ink cures fast, and only requires medium heat to fully set.
  • The ink is fast drying, and can be used on multicolor runs.
  • Heat transfer ink is thoroughly wash tested to industry standards C4A, C5, C6, C8, C15, AATCC61, 132, 8, and 3.
  • All Pantone colors tested toxicity to Oeko-Tex 102 and 105 standards
  • Our ink features reduced waste, and unused ink can be returned to its original container for future use.
  • Color matching is available in small quantities upon request.